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Are you prepared for the next Pandemic or BioChem incident?

DAT3030S-in-Czech-re-Ebola-training-Aug-2014The world today is a difficult and dangerous place with outbreaks such as Ebola and Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS (a SARS like virus), and the many human conflict flashpoints that can involve both traditional and and non-traditional Chemical attacks.

FSI North America is a company that has dedicated itself and its' resources toward offering amongst the world's largest offering of leading edge technology products for just these types of situations.iso-chamber-homepage

Such products include Mobile Field Hospitals of all sizes and configurations, Isolation Chambers/Shelters/Chairs and Beds, Portable/Mobile/and Fixed Hazmat 
Decontamination Shower SNew Havenystems, Shelters for Command/Temporary Morgues/Crime Scene/Other, Mortuary Products, EMS Supplies, and a broad array of Chemical Suits


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