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Electrostatic Equipment Back Pack Self Contained Economy Sprayer/Decon Shower System; Self contained back pack sprayer/decon unit - ideal sprayer for any areas that have limited access to electrical outlets; w. 1 One-Liter Nalgene Type Bottle; Approx. Backpack Dimensions = H 20" x L 13 1/2" W 9 1/2"; Hose (Air and Liquid) approx. 3 Feet L; Approx. Flow Rate 75/80 ml per minute; Approx. Weight 30 lbs with spray gun & empty bottle; Battery Type 24v / 20Ah LiFe PO4; Battery run time approx. 2 hrs.; Droplet Size approx. 40 micron VMD; Spray Range approx. 4 to 5 feet

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