DAT15T Mobile Self Contained 19’ Decontamination Mass Casualty Undress/Shower/Redress Single Line Unit (2 line is optional) with generator, clean and brown water holding tanks, detergent injection system A self-contained trailered mobile cleansing decon unit capable of providing hot H2O/electricity in a double wide 4 shower head unit (2 shower heads in a single line is standard) in situations where permanent facilities are N/A. A rear entry one piece aluminum ramp stored on a holder on the rear door is supplied as a standard no charge item. This ramp must be manually placed in position See detailed specs.


Definition: A self-contained 16’ (interior box size) mobile cleansing unit capable of providing hot water and electricity in emergency situations where permanent facilities are not available. The waste water generated is captured in a holding tank for proper permanent disposal.




A self-contained mobile decontamination shower unit manufactured to enable emergency providers the ability to rapidly hook-up the unit to any vehicle having a Class 3 hitch and a haul capacity of approximately 3,500 lbs. and respond to required location with minimal setup.


The unit accesses water by hook-up to multiple pressure water sources or contained water by a provided pump.  Water is pressure regulated, filtered, and mixed in a proportion valve for delivery into the water system. Water is heated by an integrally mounted, on-demand water heater and will provide continuous hot water to the system.  A generator is provided and is mounted on a glide system.  The generator supplies power for water heater thermo couple, four (4) external mounted halogen lights, two (2) interior mounted waterproof fluorescent light fixtures, water pump and reserve for site necessitated requirements.


The operation of the unit is sequenced to close any drain valves, hook-up to water, extend and start the generator, switch the power to the water heater to on, and switch on any lights required on scene.  Water is heated and automatically mixed with cold to deliver heated water to system.  Operators will activate handle on drench hose to rinse.






Trailer size:     18’ dual axle enclosed trailer             

Inside width:   76"

Inside height:  82" approx                                          

Axles:              Dual 3,500 lb Torflex axles with electric brakes

GVWR:            7,000 lb

Tongue:           60” extended

Coupler:          2 5/16” coupler standard (2" on demand at N/C)                                               

Brakes:            Four wheel electric with emergency break away system       

Tongue jack:   Manual with foot plate

Wheels:           Silver

Corner supports: Four corner scissor jacks.  Optional but storngly recommended.        

Spare tire:       None as standard.  Optional

Lighting:          Standard DOT lighting                      

Rear door:       48” swing open with window

Side doors:      Curbside side door with tinted window and single latch.  Street side door is optional

Windows:        None except for doors w. tinted windows for privacy

Access doors, ext.: Four 36" W X 36" H HD Doors

Access doors, ext.: Two 36" W X 24" H HD Doors

Ext. Lites:        Prewire for Havis KR-4250 lites in 4 upper corners

Waste Tanks:  Four 30+ gallon tanks under floor

Awning:           14' awning on street side or other:  Optional




Walls:              3/8" Plywood w/smooth white FRP, insulated
Ceiling:            3/8" Plywood w/smooth white FRP, inulated
Floor:              Std. Plywood
Partition:         Solid with FRP both sides.  One access door 24"W X 24"H HD doors, One horizontal divider from front of trailer to wall.
12 Volt Dome Light: Two 12V dome lights
Florescent Lights: Prewire for 4 lights
Roof vents:      14" X 14" power roof vent
Roof AC:         Frame and wire only






12 VOLT POWER:   Deep cycle battery near generator to charge with generator/shore power/tow vehicle and start the generator and operate any 12 volt lighting and accessories.


GENERATOR:   Portable 4,000 watt gas electric start generator mounted on a slide out tray in the curb side front exterior compartment




Shore line:   One 15 amp 120 volt twist lock weatherproof marine grade receptacle with power indicator mounted on the street side front of the trailer. 


Power Transfer switch:   Transfer switch between generator and shore power, automatic.


Shoreline charger:   Iota 30 amp taper charger wired to shore or generator power to

            maintain battery charge and all 12 volt appliances.


Power Cords:   NONE