DAT2525S Portable Pneumatic Hazmat Decon Shower -approx. 7' W X 13' L X 8' H, with 4 ft. Undress/5 ft. Shower/4 ft. Redress areas. A First Responder Ambulatory Decon shower system with 6 spray nozzles and 2 trigger gun with coiled hoses, 90 sq. ft., 180


DAT2525S Portable Pneumatic Hazmat Decon Shower -approx. 7ft W X 13ft L X 8ft H, with 4 ft. Undress/5 ft. Shower/4 ft. Redress areas. A First Responder Ambulatory Decon shower system with 6 spray nozzles and 2 trigger gun with coiled hoses, 90 sq. ft., 180 lbs.


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Technical Specs

FSI DAT®2626S Single Non-Ambulatory Hazmat Decontamination Shower System


Frame: Heavy Duty 1100 Dtex* polyester coated w. plastomer on both sides, UV/Chemical resistant, quadruple overlapped and glued. Canopy:   Heavy duty 100% nylon twill (3/5) w. PU white pigment inner coating, ABT. 0 23mm X 57/58. Wt. AB1.230GR/Sq. M - UV/chemical resistant/fire retardant – UV resistant and water repellent w. a hydrostatic resistance of 250 psi + - Mildew resistant to meet and exceed US Fed. Test MIL.STD.810E 508 - Fire resistance meets and exceeds CPAI 84 SECTION 5 1995, US Fed. Test CFR.1610, meets NFPA701 Flammability Test method 1 (2004), NFPA 702 w. ‘A’ burn scale rating. All seams double stitched and coated both sides.

Inner canopy: If applicable - of 100% NYLON 210T ANTRON W/R, POLYURETHANE COATED 57/58", Color: White - Flame Retardant to meet 'NFPA-701 TM-1', Anti-fungus/Anti-mildew, opaque

Floor: PVC of 0.58mm thickness (1,000 Dtex, 18 X 18 polyester) 660 grams per sq. mm 60” W.  


Standard color is ‘FSI Blue’®. Green, White and Tan/Sand also available as standard. Other colors offered P.O.A.


Technical data:

Air pressure internally once inflated = 4.3 psi (0.3 bar)

USA Federal Standard FS # 191 5041/5102/5134/5970 Test Method Structural Test results

Total Weight (g/m2) – 1055     Thickness (mm) – 0.90

Cut strip tensile strength (lbs. /in.) – Warp = 450 - Weft = 404

Elongation (%) – Warp = 30 - Weft = 47

Tongue tear (lbs.) – Warp = 87 – Weft = 100

Adhesion (lbs. /in.) – Warp = 9.4 – Weft = 8.9         Density = 30 X 24.5


Multiple optional accessories available inclusive of air and water heaters, air coolers, elevation grids, waste water pumps, etc. available

The FSI DAT®2626S is a one -line wide 7' W X 13’ L X 8’ H (2.13 X 3.95 X 2.43 M), Single Non-Ambulatory Decon Shower System meant to handle a single stretcher borne victim with attendants working on either side. Can also be used to decon 2 walking wounded personnel at a time. This unit deploys in 1 - 2 minutes, and processes one stretcher borne or 2 walking victims at a time.


The shower station includes 4 hanging coiled ½”/13 mm hose lines with attached multiple function spray nozzles which thoroughly drench and decontaminates via a fine water mist. Shutoffs and quick disconnects supplied with every trigger gun. Flows per spray gun = approx. 1 gpm/4 lpm optimum and dependent on water volumes available. As an option -- one can double the capacity if required.


Wastewater is contained within integral ground floor and 8”/20 cm berm erected when system is initially inflated (holds approx. 220 gallons – 880 litres - of waste water before pump-out is required).


Includes full closure slip in and out dirty entry/clean exit doors on each end, two roll up windows (one on each side), 2 skylights, 1 air inflation/deflation valve, one air inflation hose w. safety cord, 1 high pressure valve and on high pressure relief valve, 6 metal stakes and ground anchor points, tie down ropes and 4 D-rings to tie off to, repair kit, manual, shelter sleeve, 2 upper air vents, eight 19”/48 cm dia HVAC/dirty clothes ducts with ties closures – 2 each on each end/side, 1 small electrical duct, and hammer. All canopy walls are velcro’d to the floor air berms for air lock, and reflective striping is found on the upper air vents above doors and on entry and exit integral shower stall air berms.   Units can attach to a second shower or FSI shelter.


Simply inflate the unit and plug into a water supply. DAT®2626S offered with integral ground floor, 1 – ¾” (19mm) High pressure 300 psi (20 bar) GHT threaded inlet hose – other fittings available as specified. Decontamination can commence in less than 2 minutes.


Comes complete with electric inflator/deflator, and high pressure scba fitting.

Unit supplied w. no charge redundant features allowing for - hanging undress/redress kits etc. on the inlet and outlet side and - doubling of showering capability in the future.


DAT®2626S Approx. 91 sq. Ft. (8.5M²), 180 lbs. (81 Kg)

Carton size approx. = 121 X 108 X 75 cm (48” L X 43” W X 30” H


  • 1100 dtex material is 1.5mm thick and  consists of 0.62mm plastomer coated PVC/0.3mm polyester yarn/0.62mm plastomer coated PVC


**All FSI Portable Hazmat Decon Shower Systems are in conformance with the performance requirements of the new ANSI # 113-200X American National Standard for Fixed and Portable Decontamination Shower Units.