FSI - Economy Portable Field Hospital Bed/cot w. approx. 1.5" Thick FR Mattress Pad, 3 head and 2 foot adjustments, IV Pole, 350LB capacity, 38cm(H)X70cm(W)X210cm(L) - 15"H X 28" W X 83" L; 35 lbs, packaged = 44" X 28" X 8" 37 lbs. = priced ea. for qty.


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Features and Benefits:

Flame Resistant Mattress Pad: Even though portable field cots have been designated as exempt from the new ** CPSC 16 CFR Part 1633 Flame Resistance FR requirements FSI has elected to supply FR fabric for maximum patient protection.

Thicker, Denser Mattress Pad: Added patient comfort for extended care. Fluid Resistant Mattress Pad: Antimicrobial and moisture/fluid resistant - Ideal for ease of cleaning and re-use.

Longer/Wider/Higher: With approx. dimensions of 15”/38 cm H X 28”/70 cm W X 81”/205 cm L this is truly a cot/bed designed to fit full sized patients with maximum comfort for extended stays.

Fine Mesh Cot Mat: Moisture resistant fabric allows water through the mat – ideal for patient bathing/cleaning. 

Stronger Thicker Grommets: Better ‘seating’ in the cloth mat fabric offers longer life expectancy with constant re-use.

Springs attached to frame with CircleRings: Added strength and comfort to patient–and no holes in frame allows for easier decon of cot after use
Grooves to hold head rest in down position: Multiple position cot allows for added patient comfort and surety of rest in a fully reclined position

Painted Steel Frame: Easier cleaning/decon after use.    Most economy priced portable cots are too short making it
1000 use tested to accommodate 350 lb/160 Kg plus patients
uncomfortable to use.

** From the Office of Compliance and Field Operations’ Enforcement Guidance Concerning CPSC Mattress Set Rule for Mattress Sets that are Medical Devices Regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. “Mattress sets that are medical devices regulated as such by the Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) do not need to comply with the flammability requirements of 16 CFR part 1633”.