F-YRR 480D


FSI Transom Style Rescue Boat - 16 Foot transom. 1800 Denier. 285 lbs. Width 7.1''/3.4'' Capacity = 11 persons / 2450 lbs. 1800 DENIER FABRIC THICKNESS


FSI Transom Style Rescue Boat - 16 Foot transom. 1800 Denier. 285 lbs. Width 7.1''/3.4'' Capacity = 11 persons / 2450 lbs. 1800 DENIER FABRIC THICKNESS. ALL Transom boats from FSI as standard have a Transom Height of 15in (38cm) from where the motor sits on the transom to the bottom of the transom. Please also note as stated previously a short shaft/legged outboard engine is suitable and recommended for all FSI transom H 15in boats.


     FSI Inflatable Rescue Boats in Sizes 6 -24’         102209mc

FSI North America® proudly offers a complete range of exceptionally high quality, high value, White Water/River Boat and Transom Inflatable Rescue Boats. All seams are hand sealed using exceptional craftsmanship and strengthened via the use of four layers of bonded fabric essentially creating a ‘quadruple overlapped and glued seam.’ The

resulting Boats are extremely rugged and durable in addition to being highly UV/Chemical/Ozone and Abrasion resistant. High quality, combined with superior Handling

and Maneuverability allow the Rescuer to focus solely ‘on the job at hand.’

Material Specifications:

Heavy duty material: 1100 or 1800 dtex polyester coated both sides with plastomer (TPE of PPE/EPDM). Weight: for 1100 dtex – 1,055 g/m² for 1800 dtex – 1,530 g/m², Thickness: for 1100 dtex - 0.9mm for 1800 dtex - 1.2 mm;   For 1100 and 1800 dtex quadruple overlapped seams; Fabric Density 28/26 TPI; Tensile (kgf/Inch) 340/300; Elongation % 22/35; Trapezoid tear Kgf 45/40     Adhesion Kgf/Inch 7.8/6.8






All features below are for all FSI Transom Boats unless other wise specified:

  1. Sectional floor boards (5) - high pressure, 5/8” thick marine grade plywood with aluminum joiner. The F-YRR185/245/305/330/365/385 may also be equipped, if so ordered, with 75 mm thick (when inflated) air inflatable floors (inflate to a max. of 10 psi) and keel at no extra charge. Aluminum floors also offered priced P.O.A.
  2. Transom – all for short shaft engines - 7/8” thick marine grade plywood x 15” L, with aluminum ’in pad’ and ‘out pad’ installed, 3 self bailing drain plugs, HIN name plate
  3. All styles have Multiple inflation/deflation valves, Pressure relief valves, Inflatable in mere minutes with 3.75psi internal pressure
  4. All Styles have lifting handles 9.8” X 3.9” on both sides, towing/handle rings, bow and transom 1.9” Stainless D-rings for sling lift
  5. All styles have Rubbing Strakes - 4.3” black or red colored, on the boat bottom, around boat and on keel (Transom style only)
  6. Avail. in multiple colors - Standard colors for 1100 dtex boats are Yellow/Red/Gray/Black/Blue. 1800 dtex boats and Smaller F-YRR330/365/385 avail. in Red only.
  7. Transom Short Shaft Motor Size/Weight Recommendations: F-YRR185/F-YRR245 = 10 HP max./50F-YRR305 = 15 HP/85 lbs. F-YRR330/330D = 15 HP/120 lbs. F-YRR365/365D = 30 HP/165 lbs.   F-YRR385/385D = 30 HP/165 lbs.   F-YRR430/430D/450D = 30 HP – max. = 40 HP max. wt. rec. = 215 lbs.; speed est. recs. w. 30 HP motor – 2 adults/30 MPH, 4 adults/25 MPH, 8 adults/ 20 MPH F-YRR480/480D = 40 HP – max. = 60 HP/225 lbs; speed est. recs. w. 40 HP motor – 3 adults/35 MPH, 4 adults/30 MPH, 8 adults/25 MPH
  8. Optional additions – Inflatable Seats, Heavy Duty P-EIDHD inflator /deflator., High Pressure SCBA Fitting F-STE private simple approx. 6” H X 16” L stencil X 2 to be glued on by client with supplied repair kit glue, allows approx. 2 lines of 10 1” X 2” letters only to be supplied with order 450 lb. cap. FSI Rescue Boat Trailer complete # F-SUT-450-Rescue Boat Trailer Mounted Storage Chest # F-45205T65-MCM. Additional set of 5 ft./1.62 Meter Long Foldable Paddles # F-162. High pressure air cylinders priced P.O.A.; cloth wrap around Velcro closure air cylinder pouches priced P.O.A.

Boats come complete with:

  1. l1 Carry Bag (Transom style has 1 boat carry bag and 1 floor carry bag), 1 Wooden seat at no charge standard, 2 Oars/Paddles, 1 Foot pump, 1 compressed air connection hose, Self Bailing feature, 1 Repair kit (kit complete w. a qty. of 2 – 15 cm X 15 cm pieces of repair fabric for each color and 60 g of glue), Life line and 13’ towing rope (8 mm in diameter). Transom boats come with gas can strap/cover, Stainless steel Bow Handle, Bow towing ring, water splash guard and side pouches for equipment storage.