FSI DATAL Aluminum Framed Series Decon Shower - L 1.83 m x W 3.62m x H 2.5 m H (6 ft L X 12 ft W  X 8.25 ft H) 72 sq ft approx. 210 lbs., packed dim. 40" X 40" X 52" with 4 ft. Undress/4.4 ft. Shower/4 ft. Redress areas.


FSI DATAL Aluminum Framed Series Decon Shower - L 1.83 m x W 3.62m x H 2.5 m H (6 ft  L X 12 ft W  X 8.25 ft H)   72 sq ft approx. 210 lbs., packed dim. 40" X 40" X 52" with 4 ft.  Undress/4.4 ft. Shower/4 ft. Redress areas.  A  First Responder Ambulatory  Decon shower system with 6 spray nozzles and 2 trigger gun with coiled hoses.  See DAT2525S for comparable pneumatic model


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Technical Specs







Canopy:   Heavy duty 100% nylon twill (3/5) w. PU white pigment inner coating, ABT. 0 23mm X 57/58. Wt. AB1.230GR/Sq. M - UV/chemical resistant/fire retardant – UV resistant and water repellent w. a hydrostatic resistance of 250 psi + - Mildew resistant to meet and exceed US Fed. Test MIL.STD.810E 508 - Fire resistance meets and exceeds CPAI 84 SECTION 5 1995, US Fed. Test CFR.1610, meets NFPA701 Flammability Test method 1 (2004), NFPA 702 w. ‘A’ burn scale rating.

Inner canopy: If applicable - of 100% NYLON 210T ANTRON W/R, POLYURETHANE COATED 57/58", Color: White - Flame Retardant to meet 'NFPA-701 TM-1', Anti-fungus/Anti-mildew, opaque

Floor: 1,000 denier Nylon coated w. PU, tensile strength: 2545N/2360, Tear Strength: 106/102N, weight: 490 g/yd.

Frame/Hub: DAT® AL Series™ Frame/Hub Material Specifications:

Patent pending retractable, corrosion resistant, 16mm HD aluminum tubing with 1.5mm wall thickness tubing shelter w. high density polyfiber hub. Length per section = 73cm (29”). Minimum tear strength of 215 Mpa (31,200 psi). Complete with welded 650 g/sqm double fabric at the frame/canopy connector points for maximum product strength at all critical locations.

Approx. 55 mph wind resistance; approx. roof load 2,200 lbs. – 20 + lbs/sq ft.





DAT® AL SERIES™ ‘Quick Erect’ General Set up and Tear down Instructions:

All parts are pre-assembled with no special tools required. Frame system is made of interconnected aluminum tubes that fold out in a scissor type movement.

To ‘Quick Erect’- place the floor cover in the designated area and then place the closed/folded up DAT® AL™ series unit in the center of the floor cover.  With 2-4 support personnel (size of unit dependent) have personnel grip each corner.  Pull the width support frames slowly until unit is fully open and fits floor cover exactly. Then from underneath - lift the center of the tent upwards until the two sides reach the ground almost perpendicular to one another. Clip the buckles together at the four corners (inside of the frame) while supporting the center of the tent in the air.  Check/final position canopy and affix floor with HD velcro attachments.  Commence use.

Standard color is a blue color designated as FSI Blue® exterior w. high visibility white inside color. Green, White, and Tan/Sand exterior canopy color also available at no extra cost. Other colors available P.O.A.



Multiple optional accessories available inclusive of air and water heaters, air coolers, elevation grids, waste water pumps, etc. available