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FSI DAT® 'QE' QUICK ERECT SHELTERS - Approx. 10' W X 10' L X 8.5' H - shelter only, 100 sq. ft., 155 lbs.


FSI DAT® 'QE' QUICK ERECT SHELTERS - Approx. 10' W X 10' L  X 8.5' H - shelter only, 100 sq. ft., 155 lbs.

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Technical Specs





Canopy:   Heavy duty 100% nylon twill (3/5) w. PU white pigment inner coating, ABT. 0 23mm X 57/58. Wt. AB1.230GR/Sq. M - UV/chemical resistant/fire retardant – UV resistant and water repellent w. a hydrostatic resistance of 250 psi + - Mildew resistant to meet and exceed US Fed. Test MIL.STD.810E 508 - Fire resistance meets and exceeds CPAI 84 SECTION 5 1995, US Fed. Test CFR.1610, meets NFPA701 Flammability Test method 1 (2004), NFPA 702 w. ‘A’ burn scale rating.

Inner canopy: If applicable - of 100% NYLON 210T ANTRON W/R, POLYURETHANE COATED 57/58", Color: White - Flame Retardant to meet 'NFPA-701 TM-1', Anti-fungus/Anti-mildew, opaque

Floor: 1,000 denier Nylon coated w. PU, tensile strength: 2545N/2360, Tear Strength: 106/102N, weight: 490 g/yd.

Frame/Hub: DAT QE Frame/Hub Material Specifications:

Hub is of forged high density polyfibers

Frame Dimensions:

Outer Diameter: 15.72±0.25         Wall Thickness: 1.68±0.25

Carbon Content: 25±2.0%         Specific Gravity: 1.8~2.1

*All testing below use ASTM and National Test standards

Mechanical Properties:

Tensile Strength (ASTM D638, National GB1447-83): L=3000~5200 KG/Cm²; T=2000~5000 KG/Cm² (based on a 27.85mm2 cross sectional area where the tensile strength averages 1600kgs – thus for 1m3 = 5000kg +)


Tensile Modulus (ASTM D638, National GB1447-83): L= 3.8~6.7×105 ; T= 1.5~6.0×105 KG/Cm²

Flexural Strength (ASTM D790, National GB1449-83): L= 3000~6200; T=2500~5000 KG/Cm²

Flexural Modulus (ASTM D790, National GB1449-83): L=4.9~12.6X105 ; T=1.8~10.6X105 KG/Cm²

Compressive Strength (ASTM D695, National GB1448-83): L=2000~4000; T=1480~3480 KG/Cm²

Shear Strength (ASTM D732, National GB1450-83): L=4540~8600; T=2540~6600 KG/Cm²

Izod Impact Strength (V Type) (ASTM D256, National GB1451-83): L=250~900; T=200~700 KG.CM/ Cm²

Elongation = 0% on 50mmGL sample


Electrical Properties:

Volume Resistance (ASTM D257, National GB1410-78): 1012~1015 Ω.CM

Surface Resistance (ASTM D257, National GB1470-78): 1012~1015

Dielectric Constant (ASTM D150, National GB1409-79): 3~5


Dissipation Factor (ASTM D150, National GB1409-79): 0.05

Breakdown Voltage (ASTM D149, National GB1408-78): 13~40 KV/mm

Arc Resistance (ASTM D495, GB1411-78): 60~80(S)


QE SERIES® ‘Quick Erect’ General Set up and Tear down Instructions:

All parts are pre-assembled with no special tools required. All components are of interconnected scissor type connected expansion frame components.

To ‘Quick Erect’ simply have 2-4 support personnel grip side frame on each side. Pull the width support frames slowly – and then ease roof frame upwards with the push poles until locked in place. Check and final position canopy and floor. Commence use.

Standard color is ‘EMS’ Blue exterior w. high visibility white inside color. Green, White, and Tan/Sand exterior canopy color also available at no extra cost. Other colors available P.O.A.

All Shelters have full privacy zipper closure and full screen zipper closure slip in and out dirty entry/clean exit doors, tie down ropes and 4 D-rings to tie off to, repair kit, manual, shelter sleeve, 2 upper air vents, and a hammer.   All canopy walls are above and attached to the frame and flooring for air lock, and reflective striping is found on the upper air vents above doors.   Units can attach to a second shower or FSI shelter. Simply unfold/pop up the unit and commence use in less than 5 minutes (size of shelter dependent).

Every FSI DAT® QE series® shelter comes complete w. no charge redundant features allowing for - hanging undress/redress kits etc. on the inlet and outlet side.

All DAT® QE series® shelters available with cross and center divider curtains, side doors, extra windows, skylights, HVAC/clothing ducts with ties, etc.