FSI Surge Capacity Shelter - Approx. 13’ W X 17’ L X 9’ H (4 M X 5.2 M X 2.7 M) – Shelter only w. double door 'airlock', 221 sq. ft. (20.5 M2) 290 lbs. (109 Kg) full velcro closure air vents, clear vinyl windows, HVAC Air ducts w. tie closures, HD Vel


FSI Surge Capacity Shelter - Approx. 13’ W X 17’ L X 9’ H (4 M X 5.2 M X 2.7 M) – Shelter only w. double door 'airlock', 221 sq. ft. (20.5 M2) 290 lbs. (109 Kg) full velcro closure air vents, clear vinyl windows, HVAC Air ducts w. tie closures, HD Vel


Technical Specs



Air pressure internally once inflated = 4.3 psi (0.3 bar)
USA Federal Standard FS # 191 5041/5102/5134/5970 Test method structural test results
Total Weight (g/m2) – 1055 Thickness (mm) – 0.90
Cut strip tensile strength (lbs. /in.) – Warp = 450 - Weft = 404
Elongation (%) Warp = 30 - Weft = 47 Tongue tear (lbs.) Warp = 87 – Weft = 100
Adhesion (lbs. /in.) – Warp = 9.4 – Weft = 8.9 Density = 30 X 24.5
Frame: Heavy duty 1100 dtex polyester coated w. plastomer on both sides (1.5 mm thick of 0.62 mm plastomer coated PVC/0.3 mm polyester yarn/0.62 mm plastomer coated PVC) – meets
and exceeds MIL-C-17415-16AA, UV/chemical resistant. Canopy: Heavy duty 100% nylon twill (3/5) w. PU white pigment inner coating, ABT. 0 23mm X 57/58. Wt. AB1.230GR/Sq. M - UV/
chemical resistant/fire retardant – UV resistant and water repellent w. a hydrostatic resistance of 250 psi + - Mildew resistant to meet and exceed US Fed. Test MIL.STD.810E 508 - Fire
resistance meets and exceeds CPAI 84 SECTION 5 1995, US Fed. Test CFR.1610, meets NFPA701 Flammability Test method 1 (2004), NFPA 702 w. ‘A’ burn scale rating. Floor: PVC of
0.58mm thickness (1,000 Dtex, 18 X 18 polyester) 660 grams per sq. mm 60” W
Designed to meet and exceed CDC requirement of 12 ACH/HR air exchanges per hour and 0.01 inches of water column of negative pressure when used with appropriate air filtration products.
Standard color is FSI Blue™ exterior w. high visibility white inside color. Green and White exterior canopy color also available at no extra cost. Other colors optional with an extra charge.
All FSI DAT® series Isolation (ISO) Shelters have full privacy zipper closure double door ‘airlock’ in and out dirty entry/clean exit doors, zippered connector flaps on each end to attach one unit
to another, air inflation valves**, HP air inflation hose w. safety cord, pressure relief valves**, tie down ropes and 4 D-rings to tie off to**, repair kit, manual, carry bag, 2 upper air vents with full
velcro closure for isolation applications , clear vinyl windows with full velcro closure flaps for privacy/night/blackout use**, HVAC hanging air ducts with ties for isolation shelter use**, and a
hammer. All canopy walls are velcro’d to the floor air berms for air lock, and reflective striping is found on the upper air vents above doors. Units can attach to a second shower or FSI
shelter. Simply inflate the unit and commence use in approx. 1 - 12 minutes (size of shelter dependent). **shelter size dependent
Every FSI DAT® series shelter comes complete with electric inflator/deflator, and high pressure scba fitting.
All DAT® series shelters available with cross and center divider curtains, side doors, extra windows, skylights, HVAC/clothing ducts with ties, etc.


Features and Benefits:

• Quadruple overlapped and glued seams that result in a system that stands for weeks and weeks on end in any and all weather conditions
and temperatures without need of re-inflation. In addition FSI uses the same heavy duty air berm materials in all shelters as are used in the
highly respected and very rugged FSI Rescue Boat range – for the most cut and abrasion resistant products on the market.
• FSI employs a tapered air berm structure for added strength and double interlocking air berms with multiple fill ports to prevent total shelter
collapse in the very unlikely event of air berm failure.
• FSI uses an integral base air berm around the entire bottom edge of the shelters for added structural strength and excellent lateral strength
in high wind conditions of up to 70 mph +
• FSI uses only USA made inflation deflation valves – far superior to import valves.
• FSI shelters have a low ambient internal air pressure - approx. 4 psi when berms are fully inflated and 'rock hard.' Air berms remain standing
when internal air pressure is as low as approx. 1.5 psi.
• Every shelter with a width of over 10 ft - regardless of length and overall size offers a top center air berm running the entire length of the unit
at the roof line and secondary full center length air berms running on either side of the main center berm approx. 18 - 24" off center. FSI
offers a total of five 8” - 12" diameter lateral roof support air berms on shelters over 20ft wide. FSI shelters lead the industry in terms of
weight/snow bearing capabilities/strength. FSI shelters are so strong a grown man can walk up and over them. Whatever the specification
at hand FSI shelters meet and exceed.
• Available F-INSULCAN inner canopy for approx. estimated R 8 insulation factor – ideal in both hot and cold environs.
• Available F-FLDS full length plenum for HVAC – superior air distribution internally and thus comfort for patients and care givers.
• Available full 40” center aisle walkways for efficient patient and care giver movement.
• Available # F-STRSCR 'PVC strip screens' to allow for bump thru entry/exit with minimal air flow disruption in all 40" wide center aisle and
side entry man doors to be inside already standard double sided full closure zipper entry/exit doors. Designed to meet and exceed CDC
required 12 plus air exchanges per hr.
• Available multiple entry/exit door configurations to meet all needs.
• Available 10" or longer on demand HD velcro fabric flange all the way around the door down to the floor in all cases with double sided zipper
connections to attach to the same 10" or longer HD velcro fabric flange off the next unit - thus 20" tent like attachment areas are created
between all man doors to the next units end to end or side to side. Such a configuration allows pass thru between units in comfort.
• Available center hubs or center aisle designed units in multiple sizes on demand from 11’ X 11’ open all 4 sides units to 24 Ft X 40 ft or
even larger shelters – open all 4 sides or configured as required to house care givers/staff and equipment