MEDICAL SURGE CAPACITY/FIELD HOSPITAL SYSTEMS FROM FSI. Heavy Duty pneumatic and structural isolation shelters from 100-1500 sq ft., that can be interconnected in a spoke and hub design for the creation of multiple use, modular, scalable, \'sufficiency of care\' facilities. * FSI surge capacity systems, wherever possible/feasible, are based on approx. 50 sq. ft. per patient of space in compliance with generally accepted hospital practices. If cots are placed within 18-24\" of each other the capacity of the systems below could be dramatically increased and all that would be required is to double the number of FSI Hospital Bed Systems as detailed below and as found on the FSI EMS price list. FSI systems also offer full privacy chambers per victim using center and cross divider curtains - if not required prices could be adjusted downward. All surge shelters can be supplied with double sided HD Velcro attachment points around a full size door on ea. end to connect the isolation shelter to a central 11 ft. X 11 ft. \'hub\' shelter in the middle, and double sided HD Velcro attachment points around the supplied four full man side and one on ea. end) from each surge capacity patient shelter unit. Thus like size shelters could be attached end to end via the full size entry doors, or any size shelter can be attached end to end via the man door attachment, and all shelters can also be attached side to side via the supplied side man doors. ** FSI does not include the following in our offered field hospitals (but recommended product lists are available on demand). Receiving/Classification Supplies; IV Supplies; Specific Patient Care Supplies; Diagnostic Supplies; Airway Management Supplies; Housekeeping/Misc. Equipment. ** Payment terms for surge capacity systems differ from portable systems - If and when sold as a fully configured trailer system with multiple components in various sized trailers - the payment terms are 1/3 at time of order, 1/3 at time final inspection is offered (whether inspected or not), and 1/3 at time of shipment and prior to release to client.

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Medical Surge Capacity Systems

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