FSI® Prices

FSI was founded some 25 years ago on the promise of offering superior quality products at fair market prices.

In the last year the Pandemic , the supply chain disruptions, and the resulting inflationary conditions have caused unprecedented increases in raw materials, purchased products and labor. Raw materials at all levels have increased 15-30 % +, freight in many cases has doubled or more, and products purchased to complement FSI proprietary Systems have in many cases increased 10-75 %. Worse these increases are not ‘one-offs’ but keep coming at us, often weekly. While we will continue to update and offer new price lists on an ongoing basis we would request that you contact FSI before quoting on tenders or committing to a price quote. FSI quotes will be considered valid for 15 days during these times and may only be extended with FSI management approvals.

Deliveries, once an order is placed, have also been severely impacted. So ship dates come with the caveat that ongoing supply chain issues may extend offered delivery and must be so accepted with orders entered.

If and when costs and supply chain issues return to more historical levels the FSI price list and ship dates will follow.

FSI appreciates your business and we thank you for your patience and understanding.