A Division of Fire Safety International

FSI North America® was founded by the Conron family in July 1997. As FSI® moves forward to a 25th anniversary of service to the life safety market, we also look forward to welcoming the 2nd generation to carry on the mission of offering unique, industry leading, high quality products, at a fair market price. All FSI® products are Commercially Available Off The Shelf (COTS).

FSI®, and its wholly owned subsidiary FSI North America® are involved in the WMD, Life Safety, Hazmat, Gross Decontamination, Mass Casualty, Medical, EMS, and Fire Fighting markets around the world.

FSI® Portable, Mobile, and Fixed Gross Decontamination Emergency Shower Systems, Shelters, Isolation Shelters, Medical Surge Capacity / Field Hospital Systems, and Accessories are designed to meet the rapid response demands of Homeland Protection personnel worldwide.